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Ever Wondered How to Be Happy?

Gratefulness makes us happyI know social media is the “in” thing nowadays and I do “partake” daily of some of its offerings, but occasionally it brings sad, maddening, disgusting things to light, besides all of my friends’ events and pictures, likes, comments, etc. of course, and it’s kind of a bummer.   Today though, I ran across a video that had a unique title, so I fell for it and was pleasantly surprised by the content.  You may wonder why I share it because it seemingly has nothing to do with God, as is my usual offering on this blog, but it seems to me that sometimes, things in the world just prove what He has been trying to say to us through His Word for centuries and He has to bring it out through a “scientific” venue, to make anyone listen.

Please take a few minutes to watch…I promise it’ll have a positive impact in your life for a little while anyway, and maybe even longer!

Discover How to be Happy

Along the lines of gratefulness and thankfulness and the effects they have on us, I’d like to share a scripture with you that exemplifies why God wants us to be thankful.

“As He went on His way to Jerusalem, it occurred that [Jesus] was passing [along the border] between Samaria and Galilee.  and as He was going into one village, He was met by ten lepers, who stood at a distance.  And they raised up their voices and called, “Jesus, Master, take pity and have mercy on us!”  And when He saw them, He said to them, Go [at once] and show yourselves to the priests.  And as they went, they were cured and made clean. [Leviticus 14:2-32 talks about lepers and cleansing]  Then one of them, upon seeing that he was cured, turned back, recognizing and thanking and praising God with a loud voice; And he fell prostrate at Jesus’ feet, thanking Him [over and over].  And he was a Samaritan.  Then Jesus asked, “Were not [all] ten cleansed?  Where are the nine? Was there no one found to return and to recognize and give thanks and praise to God except this alien?”  And He said to him, “Get up and go on your way.  Your faith (your trust and confidence that spring from your belief in God) has restored you to health.”  Luke 17:11-19  The Amplified Bible

Here we have 10 guys walking along the road when they spot Jesus.  They know He’s been called a miracle worker so since they have a deadly serious illness that causes parts of their body to decay and fall from their bodies, it had to be worth a shot to see if Jesus would help them.  Fortunately for them, Jesus took pity on them and following God’s direction healed them all.  But, they still had to use their faith by following His instructions to go to the priests to declare they had been healed in order to activate the healing.  Many of them had lost fingers, toes, ears, and other body parts, but now the disease was no longer ravaging their bodies to do further damage.

As they walked, I’m sure they talked amongst themselves about this miracle happening to them, but only one of them, a Samaritan–lowliest human on the social ladder in those days, scum of the earth, felt that he wanted to say a personal thank you to the One who gave him such incredible mercy.  When he returned to thank the Master, Jesus wanted to know where all the others were.  Were they not grateful as well?

As Jesus acknowledged the man’s faith, confidence in God, and thankful heart, He said that his actions had put into motion a complete and total healing in his body.  All the parts that had been missing from his body because of the disease, had been recreated and he was made “every whit whole.”Things to be thankful for

So, nine guys went away healed of the disease but were left for the rest of their lives with missing parts because they didn’t consider it important enough to say thank you.  The one who was willing to show his gratefulness went away completely whole.

Happy?  Yeah, you bet he was happy!

What about you?  Are you happy?  Well, if you could use a little more happiness in your life, take a tip from the Samaritan.  Go to God and thank Him for everything…hot running water for your morning shower, food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over your head, and so on and so on.  If you don’t have everything you want in life, tell him you’re thankful for that too.  There’s a good reason we don’t get everything we want sometimes.  He knows some things aren’t good for us!  Or, we need to mature a little before we can handle some of the things He wants to entrust us with.

Check your Happy-O-Meter…if you need more happy…give appreciation, be thankful.  You’ll be amazed at what God will do!

Thank You!

What to say? Hmmmmmmmmm????

What do you do when you’re in the mood to share something important with your readers and friends but feel you have “writer’s block” at the moment?  Writing nothing is probably the best policy, but just pressing on and starting to write  in order to see what God brings to the “paper” might be the best course of action, before just giving up altogether!  Let’s see where this leads, shall we?

As a small child, I have no idea at what age, I began learning from my mom that being thankful is not only the right thing to do, but it will set the tone for your life and bring good things/blessings that being ungrateful and complaining will not.  She made sure I said thank you anytime people did nice things for me, said nice things to me, or were directly responsible for creating an environment that was beneficial for me to prosper in some way.  I was strongly encouraged to write thank you notes to my friends and relatives for Christmas gifts, birthday and graduation gifts.  But, since I wasn’t very good at doing that sort of thing, (truth be told, I really didn’t like to write thank you notes at all, as most kids don’t), I didn’t write as many as maybe I should have.  Sorry, family!

I’ve found this to be true!

But as I’ve grown and experienced life for a number of years past my childhood, I have become more convinced that what Mom taught, and lived with sincerity every day of her life in front of me, especially with regards to being thankful, definitely made a difference in my life for the better.

Have you ever been around people who complain about everything…all the time?  Isn’t it difficult to be around them for very long at a time?  I find that I start to get downright angry that they are so ungrateful!  Who do they think they are anyway, and who died and left them in charge?  Oftentimes they never bother to try to find a positive solution to whatever they are complaining about, much less consider they might be the problem or certainly a contributor, they just like to complain and blame others for their situations, however horrible they may view them to be.  I often wonder how their lot in life would change if they would start being thankful for what God is doing through that situation to make them stronger, more loving, humble, and closer to the Lord, heal their relationships, get them a better job, etc.?

I have gone thru a lot of unexpected unpleasantness and turmoil in life, but having asked Jesus’ forgiveness for the things I’ve done, said, and thought that were contrary to His way of handling life and then asking Him to “take the wheel” at the age of 18, has certainly changed my perspective on things over the years.

I’m making a mess, please take charge of my life…..

Being genuinely thankful, not for the circumstance itself, but that through the conflict, pain, injury, hurt, sadness, etc. He is working on my behalf to make me more like Him and to bless my life–that is do-able!  It’s a matter of concious determination to “practice” being thankful, just like we “practice” being bull-headed, opinionated, or obnoxious.

For example, as you “oldtimers” may recall, I shared about having gone through a divorce many years ago.  (See “Don’t Throw it Away” from the Archives.)  It was, without question, the most difficult and heart wrenching thing I have ever had to go through in my life to that date.  But, having “practiced” being thankful for most of my life prior to those two years or more of agony, I was able to be thankful that God would help me come out on top.  I was not thankful FOR the divorce, but that in it (or through it) God was helping me learn about myself and grow closer to and lean more fully on Him as I went through the process of grieving the loss of a marriage and overcoming the incredible feelings of rejection and helplessness.  Those positive things, I could be thankful for.  And, God was faithful, as always, to bring me through to victory.

Since then, I’ve had plenty of other scenarios that required being thankful, inspite of what the situation looked like and God has been faithful to His Word to bless.  But it occurs to me that if you haven’t developed a habit of being thankful for everything, you may be asking, “where do I begin?”  May I offer some very simple suggestions?  When you first wake up in the morning, “Thank you Lord for waking me up to a brand new day.  We can start over fresh! ”  “Thank you for hot water in the shower! It’s so warm and cleansing!”  (This is especially good if you have been without hot water for a few days due to your plumbing malfunctioning!!!!!)


“Thank you Lord, for clean water to drink to take my vitamins with.” “Thank you for milk that tasted so good with my oatmeal this morning!”  “Thank you Lord for all this traffic backed up because you kept me from being in the middle of that accident up the road!  Bless that person and their family and heal them Lord.” “Thank you for my boss’s bad attitude today.  Help me be a blessing to him  and thank you for helping me learn to be a better employee to bring prosperity to this company in order to bless all the other employees.”  “Thank you for my computer that isn’t working correctly.  Maybe you are keeping things from my sight that I shouldn’t be looking at, or you want to bless a computer tech through my life and testimony while he fixes it”.  “Thank you Lord for my family, inspite of their faults.  “They each  are a blessing from your hand and I’m thankful you are showing me how I can be a blessing to them when and where they need it.”  “Thank you for my toothbrush, Lord that I can use to remove dinner from between my teeth!” “Thank you for my bed Lord!  And thank you for a restful night’s sleep with pleasant dreams!”

What’s on your list?

Ok, got the picture?  It’s really not hard, but so incredibly valuable to our lives if we want to see blessings from above!  Spend some time “practicing” being thankful and I’ll bet you’ll begin to see a difference right away.  To me, two of the most important things we can do to benefit our lives is first and foremost, forgive; and then, without doubt, be thankful in everything!

PS. If you ever wanted to know what the will of God is for your life, read 1 Thessalonians 5:18!

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