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The main prop in our 6th grade play

As I thought about what to write earlier this week, I heard this word in my heart…misunderstood.  Not knowing for sure how  to interpret it, and yet knowing what it could mean to others and has meant to me, I mulled it over in my mind for a week to get some clarity and see what God might want to say.

I remembered an incident as a child, somewhere around the 6th grade I believe, when I was picked to be in a school play.  It was a fairly short play, written by the students, if memory serves, involving a mother, a father, a handsome son (played by THE CUTEST BOY in the WHOLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!) a broken toaster, and the rest of the story is a blur.

Mine was to be a small part as I remember, which was fine with me because I didn’t like being in front of people in the first place (still don’t) and certainly didn’t want to be on stage for any length of time anyway.

Within days of the first rehearsal, however, I was informed there was to be a change in the roles and I’d been chosen to replace the original “mother” and therefore would be one of the leads in the play.  How scary is that!!  What made it worse was that I would be replacing my best friend who, as it turned out according to my teacher/director, was not as capable in the acting department as I was apparently.  Whether lack of  enunciation, enthusiasm, or what might have been missing from her stage presence and ability, I have no idea.  But, she would be doing something else to have some kind of involvement in the play, I was told.

I was quite flattered to say the least, scared to death, and devastated all at the same time.  Not only did I not want to be a “star”, but I was being put into a position that hurt my very best friend!  And, she let me know about it too!  She was very upset and called me to tell me off.  I became so upset about this whole situation that within a day or two out from the play’s viewing by the whole school at a special rally, I got sick and couldn’t talk! At the last minute, I had to bow out and couldn’t even go to school for a few days.

I was misunderstood by my friend and it wasn’t even my doing.  Oh, sure, I was enjoying the idea that my amateur acting skills, such as they were at the age of 12, were noticed and appreciated, but that was not worth the loss of my best friend….  We never again were friends after the play.

Since then, there have been several times of being misunderstood and I mourn the loss of some relationships that were important to me, but there was no way for me to retrieve them when untruths and misperceptions stood in the way, no matter how hard I tried to get them to understand the situation from my point of view.

Have you ever suffered being misunderstood for things you said or did, or didn’t say or didn’t do?  Or, have you been misunderstood for things people mistakenly thought you did?  Have your motives been called into question too?

God understands

I am so everlastingly thankful we have a God who understands everything we go through on this earth because Jesus suffered all those same hurts too.  He was misunderstood, maligned, yelled at, mistreated, yet He was able to give all of those hurts over to His Heavenly Father and move forward to complete the journey He began as a babe in a manger and ended on the Cross, taking our sins upon Himself to show us God’s magnificent and forever love.

May I encourage you to surrender your hurts, and the pain they have caused, to Jesus.  Accept Jesus’ love and forgiveness for the things you’ve done that are wrong, receive Him into your heart and let Him heal and restore you.  He understands you, even when others do not.

Perhaps this word from the Bible will encourage your heart.  “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”  Proverbs 16:7  The Amplified Bible

As you focus on pleasing God by following Him and His Word, He will cause those with whom you are at odds to be at peace with you.  That is an awesome promise to hold on to!  It doesn’t mean things will go back to being the same as they once were however, but it does mean that things will be better because God will be in charge of making your relationships what they should be.

Just remember, God is good and He loves you!  You are blessed!

Happy Birthday!!

At the risk of appearing to talk about myself a little too much, may I just make mention of the fact that tomorrow is my 62nd birthday!  Now, that isn’t necessarily a big deal, given that everyone has a birthday every year and, unless the Lord takes them Home, everyone will have a 62nd birthday eventually.

4 years old

4 years old

However, what makes birthdays, every birthday, a bit more special for me is knowing that for some reason, still unknown to me, I was rescued by the Lord.  Instead of being aborted, I was given the opportunity to live.  You see, I was adopted!

Fortunately, I was born during a time when Roe v. Wade was unheard of as well as was the idea of having a “choice” to murder an unborn child.  (Sorry if I offended you, but it is what it is.)  I was given up for adoption by a mother that I grew up believing loved me so very much that she was willing to allow someone else to raise and care for me because she felt ill-equipped to handle the job herself.  Looking back on it, my adoptive mom could have told me that story as a young child because, knowing her heart, she couldn’t have conceived of any other scenario, not being able to have children herself.  Or, perhaps they were similarly advised at the children’s home where she and Dad picked me up on that cool, late summer day in September, 1950.  Either way, I have always held a fondness for my birth mother because I’m sure it was the hardest decision she ever made in her life.  I honor her for the courage she had to choose life instead of other options she might have taken instead.


The way I remember the story of our first meeting, Mom and Dad were advised by snail mail I was available and they realized they only had 24 hours or so to come get me before the deadline date, after waiting at least two years to receive the good news.  They had absolutely nothing to start out with so they ran around like crazy people preparing my room, buying baby bottles and formula, diapers (the cloth kind since disposables had not yet been invented—yuck!), girl clothes, crib, and all the baby necessities.  Somewhere during this frantic buying spree, Dad arrived back at his parked car to find an officer writing up a parking ticket!  When apprised of the situation, the officer smiled and tore up the ticket, telling Dad, “Aww, go pick up your daughter and good luck to you!”   Soon, they were on their way, driving a few hundred miles from where they lived in Montana to Helena, the state capitol, to meet their new family addition!

The Three of Us

The Three of Us



After all the introductions, paper work, instructions, and so forth were completed, they jumped into the  car again (with me of course) for a few hour trip to visit the home of very dear friends to show off their new baby girl where they were to learn, quickly I might add, that they had a soggy “wet” baby in the back seat!  Neither of them had a clue how to change diapers, nor had they even given thought to the necessity of doing so as I had not made a peep to complain!  (I was such good baby!!)  Fortunately for me, their friends had several children and they were able to give them some good, solid, practical advice as to what to do next.

That was my introduction to my new family!  There are probably many more parts to that story that have long since been forgotten, but all in all I had a very blessed life with my adoptive parents.  God certainly knew what He was doing!  The only thing I remember wishing was that I could have had an older brother, but I am content that things worked out as they should have.

Years and years later though, simply walking home from work one day, God tugged at my heart.  An overwhelming realization came suddenly to my heart that I don’t ever remember consciously thinking about before that time.  Tears began to stream down my face as I began to understand the scope of the fact that I have been twice blessed!  Struggling over many years to fully understand and “feel” God’s love for me, these revelations came flooding in.  I not only was allowed to be born physically, but 18 years and 3 months to the day later was “born again” spiritually when I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior.  Then came another revelation!  I was adopted once physically, but God also adopted me into His family when I got saved.  Twice born, twice adopted.  Chosen by my parents, chosen by God.  Wow!!!!!

Please understand that all these references to me are not meant to be self promoting in any way.  I am incredibly humbled by all that has happened to me, but I share it all as my story, a testimony to the greatness of God in my life and to let you know that He is not a respecter of persons.  He loves and cares for you in the same way.  We may not share the exact same set of circumstances, but He is no less a loving Father to any one of you.  In the grand scheme of things, I am one of many, but we are all His children if we believe in, rely on and trust in Him and receive Jesus into our hearts as Lord of our lives.

My hope and prayer is that you can see yet another reason why we can have confidence in God as you have read my little story.  And, may I add, if you someday find yourself, or know of someone, in the same position as my birth mother, please, please consider adoption as a better course of action to take.  You never know whose life you may be sparing or the adoptive parents you may be blessing!  I can assure you that God’s heart will be blessed by your courage and sacrifice.


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