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Hollywood — God Loves You!

Isn't he a dish?

Isn’t he a dish?

As far back as I can remember, I have been in love with movies.  Perhaps you have taken notice of the references I have made to movies in past posts, but if not, I want you to know that I am a fan of all things “movie”….for the most part.  As a young teen ager in the 1960’s, like so many my age, I was in love with Frankie Avalon, Beach Party movies, Annette Funicello, Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee, Natalie Wood and so many, many others.  The most handsome man in the whole world was Caesar Romero, as far as I was concerned, and no matter his age at the time, I was smitten.

So cute!  Once of my favs.

So cute! Once of my favs.

I ordered photos of all my favorites and had them plastered all over my bedroom walls, along with pictures of the cutest kittens you ever saw!  I hung on every word coming from the gossip columnists and movie stars I saw on the Mike Douglas TV show.   I would buy gossip rags every so often when I had money, just to keep in the loop, but mostly depended on the rock and roll stations for the latest news on my favorite singers, groups and celebs in general.

Since I have gone through several changes over the last sixty-two years, and hopefully have grown up considerably since that time as a teenager, I still find myself oddly drawn to the lives of the celebrities.  Now, however, I spend more time thinking how shallow their lifestyle has become, even from the ’60’s when I was so enamored with them.

One of the cutest couples in Hollywood at the time

One of the cutest couples in Hollywood at the time

I have seen the glitz and glam of the ’40’s, ’50’s and ’60’s become so empty and distasteful, chaotic, reckless, and even murderous in some cases.  Oh yes, there are many exceptions to this, fortunately, and there are many wonderful humanitarians and philanthropists among the lot.  But it really seems disheartening to see the many in Hollywood and New York who lose their focus and lives, all for the money, fame, and acceptance they think the world can offer them.  For truly, a great many of them got into the acting world to be accepted and loved for who they are.  They were the oddballs, misfits, but yet have been given great gifts and talents to share with the world, by God’s design.



They are assigned “handlers” who do all they can to “advance” their clients’ careers but, in many cases, they end up ruining them because they were not ready to handle the pressures of so much public scrutiny and negative, or positive, feedback from the media and their fans who pounce on their every move and report fantasy as fact half the time.

My heart has been grieved in recent years over the many actors and actresses whose lives have hit the skids, been divorced, got married to the wrong person just for the sake of “political correctness” or lust, had kids they couldn’t or didn’t want to take care of, or lived together and didn’t get married at all.  The alcohol and drug consumption in the acting and movie industry must be considerably higher than anywhere else in the world based on all the socializing they do and Lord knows, you have to have booze and cocaine around to throw a great party!

What a talent!

What a talent!

I took a few minutes today to peruse an online entertainment web site and my heart just broke for the lives of the many people who have taken the low road in their search for fulfillment and peace.  How I pray that the Lord will somehow, in His infinite wisdom, find laborers who will be able to speak to the many in that industry who are hurting, lost and in pain.  There are many.  And for the rest of us, who will never have the opportunity to tell them in person there is Hope, we can pray.

When I was a kid, I must admit, I would have been terrified had I been able to meet a “star” in person.  And, even now, I still have a little of that fear I suppose.  But somewhere along my path as I grew up, I came to realize, these people are just like me.  They put their pants on one leg at a time, they get colds, they have feelings, they bleed when they get cut.  They are not God.  They hurt, they have spirits, souls and bodies just like me….and you.

I guess, in some way, I have a soft spot for them because I understand what a terrible and yet magnificent position they have allowed themselves to be put into.  They get to share the talent God put into them from before they were even conceived, they have “answered” His call to bring it forth, and then these marvelously talented people stand on a stage to receive the adulation of all the world!  What they do with that adulation is what determines where their lives will take them.

If they receive the adulation for themselves, they will eventually falter and fail.  If they have the foresight to recognize where the talent came from and give Him the glory, they will ultimately succeed and become a testimony to everyone of God’s love and peace, splendor and majesty.

Although I recognize that the whole world needs Jesus, and I pray for revival all over the entire world, my current prayer is that God will visit Hollywood and New York, all aspects of the entertainment world, to bring repentence, revival and restoration.  How cool would it be to see Wolf man share Christ with Magneto?  Or to see Snooki bend her knee and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord?  Or maybe LiLo give testimony of how Jesus set her free from alcohol and drug dependency?

If you feel like praying for them too, please do.  Nothing is impossible with God!  I have confidence that He will do something equally as wonderful as what I suggested.  For you too!  This is gonna be a good year!  Have confidence in God!

After a tough week in our world, I think it’s time for a some humor to bring a little joy into our sometimes crazy, stressful lives.  Or, if you have a lot of drama in life, take a few minutes and enjoy these fun videos.  But, get ready to be inspired at the end.  Enjoy, everyone!

Jeanne Robertson  “Don’t send a man to the grocery store!”

Mark Lowry Comedy

Funny cats in water, EPIC   (This is amazing!!)


The next video is definitely not humorous but incredibly moving and I can’t help but share it.  Not often in life are we mere humans given gifts like this young man and woman have, especially at such young ages, but when we do get the opportunity to experience God’s magnificence through vessels like Jonathan and Charlotte, I hope it encourages you to have faith and confidence in the God who cares for us so very much.  The bond between them is inspiring and you can tell by what you will feel when watching this video that God has some wonderful purpose for both of them and for their music.

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