Still one of my favorite restaurants!

Many years ago, while going through one of the most trying times in my life, I was fortunate enough to work at a McDonald’s restaurant.  Some of you might not consider that fortunate, but for me, it was a training ground for things to come.  I was terrified when I started, but by then I had been working for almost a year at the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store next door, and would continue working at both for a period of years.  I gained some experience in handling customers at “BR”, the next “happiest place on earth”, and my employers were a wonderful married couple that soon became my good friends.  I always told them that had I had lots of money, I would have worked for free!  I loved working there, and so did my tummy!

Once I obtained the “position” at McD’s I had to learn fast, which was not really the most successful feat.  I prayed every day going into work that God would help me to do my best..some days were good, some not so much, but I knew somehow God was pruning me, teaching, training, and helping me to grow strong, when everything in me wanted to quit and stay home.

Shortly after I started, I was assigned to make fries during the lunch rush.  We served millions of teenagers, or so it seemed, from the local high school everyday, and they ate tons of fries!  It didn’t take long till I was running short of fries, so I turned to one of the manager underlings and asked politely if she would get me another box of them.  Her response floored me!  “Sorry, that’s not part of my job!” as she rushed passed me and headed for the drive through. I was stunned and speechless, but it sure gave me some insite into the kind of people I might be dealing with here.

The best in the industry, in my opinion!

Well, it wasn’t long before the second in command showed her colors, or lack thereof.  I grew to dread coming in to work when I’d see her car parked out front of the restaurant at 5 am.  I was never sure what sort of mood she would be in as it seemed to change from day to day.  Some days I felt she was quite friendly and accepting of me and other days she either ignored or mocked me.  At first I thought it might just be me, and I’d been too sensitive, but there were others who expressed similar experiences, so I guessed I wasn’t too far off base.  Perhaps a little bipolar?? or personal issues that clouded her frame of mind?  In time, she was replaced by other, more emotionally stable assistant managers that made life a little easier.

My own emotions, however, were raw and on edge for a time during the first few years there.  Although I know I was a little sensitive, I tried not to let it show too much.  God was dealing with me about the inner me, making me a little tougher and healing me in places I didn’t even know existed at the time.  But all things considered, McDonald’s was a good place to work and I met some awesome people, some of whom changed my life and perspective on life a little bit.  I learned lots of life lessons, a few skills, and God blessed me during that twelve year period in ways that I don’t think I could ever adequately communicate.

McDonald’s was definitely NOT a place I would have chosen to work had I had marketable skills, but at the time, as a housewife and mother, I’d never done much of anything else.  I was desperate for a second job, to add to the job at Baskin Robbins, because I was about to be forced out on my own after nine years of married life.

Looking back on it, I can truly say that God miraculously provided and kept me in His Hands the entire time.  He gave me strength where there was only weakness, hope where there was none, and courage to face the next day, when all I wanted to do was fold up in a little ball and feel sorry for myself.  Frankly, I didn’t have time to do any of that!!!

If you have ever been, or are now, in a place that was not of your choosing, and it seems to be taking forever to get to the “next level”, let me encourage you to have confidence in God.  As much as I hated McDonald’s at the time, especially when I had to mop the floors and clean the restrooms, cook on the hot grills for hours, help undecided customers or grumpy people, clean up spills and wipe tables, He reminded me that I was to consider it an assignment.  He has given this to you to do for His glory and your good.  It isn’t fun at the time, but you will, I promise, be able to look back on it as a grand learning experience, and something that will make you stronger than you thought possible.

As terrified as I was, as lonely as I was, God was always there to help, encourage, guide, and provide correction when needed.  He was my strength, my hope, my courage and Faithful Friend in the midst of the storm.  If  you find yourself wondering how you got to this place, just trust that God has you there for a purpose.  You may not see how this place could possibly be of any value now, but I can assure you, from someone who has been where you are, The Lord has a plan for you and when the time is right and He’s accomplished His will in your heart, it will all begin to make sense to you.

Two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-on-a-sesame-seed-bun..not my favorite tho’!

May I also encourage you to cooperate with Him so it will go well with you.  He has your best interest at heart and you will be so glad you willingly joined Him in the journey.  I’m excited to hear of all the miracles and blessings that will be yours as you walk each day with Him.

Would you like some fries with that Big Mac today?