The CastleDoes anyone like Walt Disney movies as much as I do??  Well, maybe not all of them, but I love the colors, lightheartedness, fun, joyfulness and sometimes quite serious tones that many of the cartoon features have, especially.


Who could forget Dori, the loveable, forgetful fish in Finding Nemo?  And what about the Toy Story saga?  Oh, and Monster, Inc.!  Kitty, kitty!!  Loved it.  How about the Aristocats?  My grandsons watched that one over and over and over and over again.  I loved it too because I love cats!  And then there’s Lady and the Tramp!  Went to see that one and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, double date no less, on my wedding night!  Don’t ask.  LOL We had a great time though!


But my all time favorite has to be Sleeping Beauty.  Yeah, I know, I’m a girl. Except for all the colors of the movie itself and the 3 fairies whose garments were as colorful as their personalities, there really is a deeper meaning that was brought out to me later in life.  Because I love multiple colors, I was drawn to thismovie from the start.  But indulge me if you will as I share what else I have observed in the movie over the years as an adult.


Sleeping Beauty is not by any means the exact story of what Jesus has done for us scene for scene or word for word.  However, after giving my life to Christ as a teenager, I could visualize His story so clearly in this little movie that I began to understand how much He loves us.  As the acts of this movie were taking place, I could see the threats against the young Christian via Maleficent/Satan and the protection that God gives us as young Christians many times till we learn to tackle the harder things in life—Aurora is hidden for a time and then takes her responsibility to go back to the castle.  Just before she leaves tho’ she meets the love of her life and as that love develops, they both know they are meant to be together.


Maleficent tries to destroy the Prince as Satan did with Jesus.  The Prince gets free, Jesus rises from the dead.  Many roadblocks are put in the way of rescuing the Princess, but the Prince fights w/the Sword of Truth and slays the dragon.  Jesus does the same!  The Prince rescues the Princess and revives her (and the rest of the kingdom) with a single kiss.  Jesus essentially has done the same, for all eternity, and his Bride (everyone who is a born again Christian) will share in a Wedding, the likes of which you have never, ever seen!  Talk about Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous! Love Conquers All


Well, there you have it!  Is this a little fanciful for you?  Maybe, but in many ways, it’s not too far off.


The real point here is that God will take anything, even a Walt Disney movie, to make Himself real to you, if that’s what you need.  As a child, I was awestruck by all the colors, but when I grew up, He used those colors to translate a truth to me that has stayed with me till now.  He has become more real to me through this little story of love-conquering-all than just about anything I can think of.  Hence, you’ll notice the use of Sleeping Beauty on my blog.  (Good thing it wasn’t  Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, huh?)


I would love to hear how God has made Himself more real to you.  Please take a moment to share your story.  And if you have a favorite Walt Disney movie, please feel free to share that too.


Look for God’s little messages wherever you go today.  He’s always talking.  Are you listening?