HopeSome weeks ago, I opened my Facebook page to see the sweet faces of two of my dear friends  (J and C for privacy purposes) who were celebrating their 5oth wedding anniversary.  Having known a little of what they have been through together over the years, it is truly amazing that either of them are alive, let alone together.  Their relationship in the good times and bad is one I admire deeply and would wish we could all learn from their example — trust God with everything and everyone in our lives, have confidence that somehow He will bring us through if we don’t give up, and do it all with joy.

C and I met and became fast friends and prayer partners in the late 80’s/very early 90’s, where we both worked at McDonald’s. We spent our fair share of time laughing and giggling while cooking so it’s a wonder the food ever got done on time!  The times we spent in prayer and fellowship after work though are forever etched in my heart with gratefulness and joy and I missed both of them greatly when they moved away. C was a gift from God given at just the right time when I needed a best friend.Things work out best

J is now retired from a lifetime of driving trucks and other short term jobs that he worked as needed;  C still does what she can while being confined to a wheel chair after a motorcycle accident many years ago that left her able to move only her arms somewhat and turn her head.

They have raised six wonderful children, and have loved and nurtured 24 grand kids and some very fortunate foster kids along the way as well.  Their children have all been very supportive and loving to them in return.  Their unwavering commitment to Christ and godly principles have under-girded them through the very, very hard times, and their effervescent senses of humor and joy are something that could only have come from the Lord to sustain them.  “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”  They are individually and as a couple truly an inspiration to everyone they meet.

To say that C’s accident was probably the biggest turning point in their lives would be an understatement, but to have come through the trauma, heart ache, shock and disbelief, life upheavals and changes in even her bodily funDon't give upctionality, with the positive mind set they now have is indeed quite an accomplishment and truly a miracle of God.

One profound comment that so touched my heart and made me decide to give honor to whom I felt honor is due, was written by J himself.  After all the congratulatory messages by family and friends were received on Facebook, he wrote:

Thanks for all the congrats and stuff on our 50th anniversary? A bit of advise for the rest of you that may want to reach that lofty pinnacle. We all got stuff we like about our mate (the whys of why we love them) and we all got stuff about our mate that drive us nuts (the whys of why we don’t like them). If you meant that part about “as long as we both shall live” you have to pay a lot more attention to the what I like about you part than the what I don’t like about you part, cause if your focus is on what you don’t like pretty soon there’s nothing to like anymore! Then throw some God glue in there to cement it. Thanks again…. 😎

Don’t think I could have said it better.  Here’s to happier and healthier relationships.