Although I am new to blogging, writing is something that has interested me for quite a long time.  With a myriad of life experiences, a multitude of mistakes made, and fortunately, lessons learned, I hope, I feel compelled to share some of it in the hopes that others may be helped, encouraged, lifted out of the pits in order to make a new start, or go in a better direction in life.

Be forewarned though that you may meet Someone along the way, as I did, who will change your life completely.  His name is Jesus and He has gone on this journey with me every step of the way. Whether pulling me out of the mud pit I was wallowing in or running thru meadows and streams with me in happy times He has never left me alone.  Nor, will He leave you either.  If I can share some word or phrase that will enlighten your day, that is my goal.

Join me on this blogging adventure! You just never know where we might end up!

Have a very happy and blessed day!   Barb