Wow! I did title it “brief” didn’t I? Well, let’s see if I can keep to that title!

Adopted at 3 ½ months,  my parents set up residence for a few years in the outskirts of Stevensville, MT with our 300 head of cattle, dog, cats, kittens and my dolls and my mom’s old clothes  for me to  dress up in.  I was happy.

Moved twice more before leaving the ranching behind when I was almost seven.  My dad’s new career — tile roofing.

On to Pocatello, ID for two years and then to Sacramento, CA for 17 more.  Elementary school, Junior High, High School and the biggest change of all – accepting Jesus into my heart at the age of 18, just before entering college.

From there, after marriage and the birth of our two children, we moved to Phoenix, AZ to be close to my in-laws and assist their fledgling new business.

Kids grew amazingly fast, we grew apart and divorced, and life went on.

Fast forward to today where we have 3 handsome grandsons, 3 absolutely adorable great grand children (two gorgeous girls, one very handsome boy) and my ex husband and I remain friends.  Kids are grown and learning life lessons of their own to pass on to their families, friends and others they meet along their journey through life.



Long, Long ago in a far away land….

After being adopted at the age of 3 ½ months, my parents and I eventually settled in Stevensville, MT, the outskirts actually, where they owned a ranch and 300 head of cattle.  With my kittens and cats, a dog and a bunch of dolls and old clothes to dress up in, I was a pretty contented little gal for at least 6 or more years.  Next door .. well, 1/3 of a mile or so down the road, lived Joe and Cora and their big horse and milking cows, a bunch of chickens, mountains of hay, and their grandson who came to stay occasionally and with whom I was in love at the age of 4. He was 7 and we vowed, with him standing on top of the mountain of hay, that we’d marry some day! As life would have it that didn’t happen, but it sounded romantic, didn’t it??

Within three years we had moved twice more in and around that same area but, in the end, I had to say a very sad and tearful goodbye to my favorite cat and best friend, Mitsy.  And then it was on to Idaho for a couple of years after Dad had left ranching behind to begin a new career in tile roofing. The success of that business led us to Sacramento, CA on a very overcast day in June, 1959 where the potential good fortune was cut short soon afterward due to an embezzling, thieving executive in their small company.  Ironically, his name was Lucky!

Well, when life hands you lemons, what’s the old saying?  My parents chose to make lemonade. We survived, met all the bills, and did the best we could.  Of course, I didn’t know about all this stuff…I was too busy growing up, going to school, making friends, etc. and I actually did get pretty good grades for the most part but was reasonably unmotivated to do the extra work to get better grades.  A “B” was good enough for me.

Monetarily, we did have a lot of hard times I guess, but I never felt it too much. My folks never complained about money matters and we always seemed to have enough to do what was needful and occasionally a little extra.  Mom babysat our next door neighbor’s little girl, taught organ and eventually began her own direct sales business for extra money and Dad did whatever he could find to do, which always involved something that would benefit and be meaningful to the consumer.

We attended a small Methodist church on a regular basis, where my Dad felt most comfortable. Mom had some  Episcopalian church background as a child, but neither had made personal commitments to Christ that I was aware of until after I received Jesus into my heart at the age of 18.  Prior to that, both of them seemed to have a love for the Lord and were faithful in the church as choir director and singer in the choir. Mom also played the organ most every Sunday. I felt hypocritical for some reason, at least until I was saved, so did not wish to get involved in any of the Sunday School groups.  Instead, I babysat in the nursery as often as I could.

As previously mentioned, I had my own personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, accepting Him as personal Savior and Lord of my life on August 27, 1968 (about 10:30 pm), and that is when I consider the beginning of my new life took place!

Although I am fully aware that prior to this “collegiate” revival in my soul, God’s hand was very evident in everything I experienced from my birth going forward, it seemed like my understanding opened up and His presence was so much closer and dearer than before.  The next four years were spent soaking up God’s Word and worshipping Him along with the many new lifelong friends I’d made.

As is almost always the case, marriage followed and then two wonderful children, who are the joy of my life.  Divorce also touched our family years later, but the friendship we started out with before marriage still remains reasonably intact.  Our children have each learned their own “life lessons” and have children themselves to entrust those lessons to.  As of this writing, we have 3 grandsons and 3 great grandchildren who are all treasures to us and to the Lord, who gave them to us.

The journey from salvation in 1968 to this current time has been long, sometimes arduous, but mostly full of God’s blessings, lessons in how He wants me to live for Him, and definitely full of trading my old ways of thinking and behaving for His much better ways.   Although I cannot recommend the Christian life to the faint of heart, I can tell you that you will never be alone.  He can be counted on to be there when you need Him most, but will always encourage you to trust Him in ways you never dreamed possible.  Lord willing, this blog will capture more and more ways to have confidence in God so that you too will be able to come to Him just as you are and receive what you need.

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