63983_167850546584562_6867947_nIt has been a very long time since I have shared with my readers, but today I came across something, sent by a very dear and long time friend, with whom I disagree on about almost everything but one, that I feel bares sharing with you because it is important and will likely get pushed out of our minds and hearts during this busy and tumultuous season.  Since we are celebrating during the month of December, I would like to put forward something most serious to consider.  It’s about the Cross.

During the recent election, and for the past 8 years for sure, we have become so undeniably divided.  By race, color, creed, belief system, by financial status, fashion, age, IQ, disability (imagined or actual), political persuasion and the list goes on. This is not only unhealthy, it is very unwise.  We are all human beings with a tremendous amount of creative power to do good and righteous things at our disposal, hampered only because we have neglected our spiritual side and are not connected to the right stimulus or resource.

There has been a lot of discussion of late about being politically correct.  But I for one find political correctness to be a way of somebody other than God (hint, hint), to destroy our creativity, moral codes, values and intelligence, which ultimately make us losers on the playing field of life.  “Say what you mean, mean what you say” is a phrase that springs to mind as a way to move forward.  And, if straight talk offends you, may I suggest living a life of forgiveness instead of being offended. “Let it go, let it go” ….

God gave us the greatest gift of all---His Son!

God gave us the greatest gift of all—His Son!

With that in mind, may I just say that personally, my faith is in Jesus, the Son of God, and there is no other God but Him.  Other religions, other than true Christianity, are just that… religions — man’s attempts to get to God.  In contrast, He provided the way to enter into His presence, the only way, thru the shed blood of His Son on the Cross at Calvary.  Basically, He reached down to lift us up.  It’s pretty obvious we are not capable of being united enough to figure out how to get to God so He did it for us.  In His Perfect love for us He gave us a choice, a free will, and if we choose not to accept His way, then … well, then ultimately we must accept the consequences for our choices.

But I digress.  Please take a moment to listen to this song. It really says it all during this Christmas Season.  We must look past our hatred, bigotry, name calling, divisiveness, and malice because this life of ours, if we want to live in peace and tranquility, is really all about the Cross.