Judy and the gorillas

The only gorillas she’s seen!

Well, just when I finish one update, she sends another!  Hope you are enjoying what has become a bit of an internet diary of Judy’s wonderful trip to Uganda for the month of October.  I am trying to include as many of her photos as well.  Please let me know what you think!

God is so good…

October 11, 2013

“Still hanging out over here in Uganda and loving almost every minute now that I am sleeping and feeling tip top! Thanks to the Lord for intervening! I’ve decided that the life style here is way more healthier than ours, other than the risk of malaria. Our host family buys fresh food grown organically in nearby fields on a daily basis. They drink a fermented probiotic rich porridge made from sorghum regularly, exercise all of time by working hard and walking everywhere.  All of the women work together caring for the children ,cooking, washing and cleaning. And they sit to rest and visit………and best of all, serve tea and popcorn (my all time favorite food) every afternoon. And then I get to play with and love on the adorable children who are so curious about me and want to learn about America. Only draw back, I am missing my family….and sometimes electricity and flushing the toliet regularly.”