Tami AnneThere comes a time when each of us will have the opportunity to meet our Maker, I suppose, but some seem to have that chance far sooner than we would like, at least too soon for those of us who are left behind to live out our lives a little longer without them.  For Tami, whose story we shared some time back, that time came almost two weeks ago.  Her mother, my friend Doris, wrote this on her Facebook page on that day:

Tami: “Mama, will we be able to roller skate in Heaven?”‘
Me: “I don’t know honey…Why do you ask”
Tami: “Well, when I’m on my skates, I feel like I’m flying, and when I go to Heaven, just in case I don’t get my wings right away, I’ll have… my skates…so…I’ll still get to fly…right?”
Tami: “Mommy, can I swing in Heaven?”
Me: “I guess so…Why”
Tami: “Cause I wanna fly.”
I guess you’ve got your answers now sweetheart.  It occurs to me that you have always wanted to fly, Tami, and tonight you’re flying free and unfettered by Cancer, pain or sorrow.  You’ve seen His face, you’ve sat at His knee and you’ve basked in His healing touch.  Go fly, baby girl…you just go fly all you want!!
Tamara Anne (Last name withheld by author) : June 3, 1971—August 19, 2013

Although it’s been many years ago that I met Tami as a little girl, I’ll never be able to forget her.  I was not privileged to meet her as an adult, and don’t know if we’d have been good friends or not, but she’ll always be a treasure in my heart, one of God’s little jewels.  She touched my heart then as she still does today.

I’m sure her meeting with her Lord and Savior, Jesus, was a glorious one…filled with lots of hugs and joy, laughter and giggles, and maybe even some roller skates and a swing with her name engraved on them.  I’m also thinking, based on her free spirited behavior as a child, that her guardian angel will have heaved a great sigh of relief knowing that he finally got her to her final resting place in one piece!

While she waits for the rest of us to finish our course here on Earth, she will have the joy of learning all about everything she’s ever wondered about.  Questions will be answered, sorrow and pain will disappear and her body will be whole, as God intended from the beginning when things were clean, new and sinless.Tami

Although I missed watching you become the beautiful young woman you were and are in Heaven, I want you to know you were a blessing to me and I’ll see you on the other side!  Rest in God’s wonderful Peace sweet Tami Anne.

For those of you who would be interested in helping Tami’s family bear the mountain of financial obligations they face, please feel free to find out more by accessing the following link:  http://www.gofundme.com/3va7xs   Any amount you wish to donate will be gratefully appreciated, I can assure you. 

God bless you!