Forty some years ago we lived in a 4-plex, a condo of sorts with a front apartment, two two-story apartments, one on either side of the front, and an upstairs apartment in the back by the alley, under which were the parking spots for all the tenants cars as well as the small laundry room which sufficed for all four apartments.

Living in one of the side apartments was a family with two very small girls, later to be two girls and one boy, but their mom and dad were great friends to us as very young newly weds with a baby on the way.  I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them and hopefully we were of some benefit in the friend department to them as well.

Their middle daughter was the cutest little thing — about 3 or 4 at the time we moved in.  Tami.  Never could sit still, always on the go.  Smiled and giggled all the time…a free spirit if ever there were one.  She could be annoying as the dickens at times, but always cute and you couldn’t stay upset with her for very long!

Now, all grown up with a family of her own, she faces the most challenging time of her life and is waging a war on something that she may be about to lose.  I’m sharing this because her family meant so much to me all those years ago and her story needs to be shared for others to enjoy the life they have, take stock of their priorities and perhaps help someone else in need, as is our privilege and duty as citizens of this world of humanity.  Prayer for the entire family sure wouldn’t hurt either.

Although I had not seen or heard from my friends for about thirty some years until I found Tami’s Mama on Facebook about a few years ago, I had often thought about them and wondered how they were all doing.  As with all of us, we went our separate ways, worked, played, we grow up, life went on.  Stuff happens, we get over it and life continues to go on.  Now that we’ve been reconnected after a fashion, my heart breaks for their family and the pain they are going through.  I guess Tami made an eternal impression on me and I feel somehow she needs to be honored.

I hope you’ll join with me to share in Tami’s story and share financially and in prayer what you are able to.

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Thank you so much for caring for others!