Do you ever wonder what the heck God is doing?  Why is all the bad stuff in my life happening and what about all the bad stuff going on in the world and in our nation specifically?  What used to be good is now bad, and what used to be bad is now good.  How did that happen and where is God in all of this?  Isn’t He supposed to be able to fix all of this mess and make it better?  Then, where is He?  Is He on vacation, on another planet, or galaxy, or a neighboring universe maybe?

We’ve got runaway debt in our nation, people suffering physical and emotional turmoil over job losses, health issues, money problems.  Relationships are out of whack and families are being torn apart because of hate, strife, jealousy and worse.

Once flourishing cities are in ruins due to carelessness; children are dying by the millions because they are inconvenient.  Our world is topsy-turvy and things look totally impossible to be fixed, by anyone or anything.

Where is God?  Where is our Savior?  Holy Spirit, Comforter and powerful Friend, where are you?

Have you ever thought that He might be asking the same thing of you and me?

Where did YOU go?  You once vowed allegiance to Me, yet you’re not reading My Word, My Love Letter to you, My Instruction book, The Bible.  You said you’d talk to me everyday, sing to Me, worship Me, love Me, daily….where are you?  I haven’t seen you for a very long time and I miss you.  You said you’d share Me with everyone you met, feed My sheep, but they are blinded, starving and have no food because you never showed up to give it to them, to share My love with them.  Where are you?

The children I gave to you to watch over and guide are in trouble or gone because you didn’t raise them the way I showed you in My Book.  You decided that they were your possessions and you could push them around, punch them, embarrass, shame and mistreat them instead of honoring them as My gifts to you.  And, to your shame, you have murdered millions of them because they were an inconvenient reminder of things you had done that you shouldn’t.

My Word tells you about how to eat and take care of your bodies, but you continually mistreat your temple with food that isn’t healthy for you and will leave your body weak and unable to fight against sickness and disease.  That is not My Will for you.  I would that you be healthy, whole in all areas of your life, but you cannot do what you want and have My Will too.

You ask where I’ve been….I’ve been right here, where I’ve always been.  I love you, I miss you terribly and am reaching out to you to come back to Me, where you belong.  I’ll make you Safe. Secure, once again. But, that comes with some sacrifice.

Are you willing to lay down YOUR will for Mine?  How badly do you want to see Me work on your behalf?  If you want to see Me do the impossible, then you must lay down your works that conflict with what I’m trying to do in your world and in the lives of you and your loved ones.

Where AM I?  Not far at all….only a breath, a prayer away.