Several people have asked me about my new logo, the kitten and the lion.  It replaced a “photo” of Sleeping Beauty, whose logo I borrowed for the better part of a year because I could see the story of Jesus and me played out in the story of Sleeping Beauty being rescued by her prince charming with his sword of truth and shield of faith.  But as I grew restless with the look of my blog, I realized that many people might see it as childish, not understanding the full scope of my reasoning behind having Sleeping Beauty as my “brand”, so to speak.

Love Conquers AllShe symbolized the young woman in me, under a curse from which I was unable to extricate myself.  Enter, stage left, my Prince on a white Stallion.   Jesus, kind, loving, brave and true-hearted.  Righteous.  He found me, as the peasant girl in the forest having lived a life of solitude, and brought me to a place of hope, love and joy like I’d never known.  The enemy of my soul, of course, wasn’t happy about my newfound peace and contentment and sought to build obstacles to keep me from entering further into His life of eternal joy.  Fortunately for me, Jesus (my Prince) was not to be kept away and with His sword (His Word), He tore down the obstacles and rescued me from the enemy’s clutches.

Now, I still think of Jesus when I watch Sleeping Beauty, and probably always will, but I am growing and thought a different logo might be more appropriate for where I am now.  Perhaps you might enjoy why I chose this logo and think of using it for yourself as well.

The kitten is symbolic of me as a child of God.  Young, just starting out (in the face of Eternity, this would be true…not so much age wise tho’!).  When I look into the mirror, at least on a good day, I can see Jesus in me–the Lion of Judah, strong, faithful, and ready to withstand anything my enemies throw at me.  By faith He is indeed IN me, because I have asked Him to be there, and He is helping me to live for Him daily.  Because He is in me, I am confident that He and I can handle everything that comes our way.  Good or bad.

So, not only do I see Jesus in me, but that reflection helps me to be confident that I have nothing to worry about.  He’s got it all under control.  I am in His mighty, capable hands and He’s not going to let me fail or fall.  I may be little, but He is BIG!  So big in fact, He created the very ground I walk on, the atmosphere I fly through in a plane, the rocks I sit on at the park, the water I bathe with every day or swim in during the summer.  He’s enabled me to heal after I’ve been scratched, or come down with the flu.  He’s provided a job for me to support myself.  He’s given me everything I have and then some.  The world we live in is no accident.  It is truly by God’s great design and I’m just a little part of it.  And so are you.

For many who have seen this picture before, it may be cute but not so meaningful as it is to me.  My hope, humbly stated, is that you’ll think about Jesus being the One you’ll place your confidence in.

When I am weak, like a kitten, He is strong, just like a lion!