Well, today I decided to take the plunge that I have been thinking about for awhile and I redesigned my blog a bit.  You will notice a pretty significant difference if you have been following for awhile, but I hope you like it.  I’ve been tweaking it all morning so if you have tried to read any of the posts, there may have been some unintended interruptions.  Please excuse our dust..as they say at construction sites!

I guess there are not only times when we get tired of doing or seeing the same old things and have the opportunity to make changes with little to no disruptions, but every so often we must make major changes to our lives if we wish to prosper, be in health and allow our souls to prosper, as the book of  III John 2 says.  If you are in the midst of that type of spiritual, emotional, or physical upheaval, please be assured that your Heavenly Father has your situation firmly in hand and will not allow anything or anyone to destroy His perfect plan for your life.

He does have a plan for you, you know.  One that began so many long years ago when you were first created in your mother’s womb…carefully knit together and formed with patience and love.  His plan is for you to live in abundance, to the full, till it overflows.  His plan is for you to be healed by His stripes that He took for you on His journey to the Cross.  His plan for you is to prosper in your soul, as well as to have health and wealth so you can pass it on and help others, thus establishing His Kingdom, His Covenant on this earth.

So, with that in mind, may I just encourage you to look up, hang on, trust and have confidence in the One Who loves you the most, Who carries you when you can no longer stand, let alone walk on your own.   When we are weak, He is strong.  When we are poor, He makes us rich.  When we are sick, He is our healer and provider.  I cannot think of any one or any thing else I could possibly put my faith, trust and confidence in whole heartedly other than Jesus.  I encourage you to do the same.  He has your back!

God Bless You!