Have you ever felt betrayed?  Have you ever felt the pain of trusting someone or something and had them turn on you when you least expected it?  Maybe it was a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife, a friend or relative, boss or coworker, or maybe you have even believed that it was God Himself that let you down when you felt you needed Him the most!

He came to Jerusalem as the perfect Lamb of God

He came to Jerusalem as the perfect Lamb of God

I’m sure we have all experienced betrayal at some point in our lives.  I know I have.  I have expected a situation to go a certain way or a person to act a certain way and then, out of the blue, they had a totally illogical reaction to the circumstances at hand.

A perceived word spoken out of turn, or a misplaced hand gesture, a text gone awry, the tone of one’s voice, all lend themselves to misunderstanding the intentions of the ones doing the speaking, and before long a communication break down occurs, which eventually leads to feelings of betrayal on the part of the ones doing the perceiving.

Perhaps it was an all out assault on your personhood, your integrity as a man or a woman…someone you trusted cheated….or lied.

Even though I’d like to think I’m an honest person, and my son has told me in no uncertain terms that I’m too honest, I know in my heart of hearts there are times when I am not fully honest or truthful with myself or others about certain things in my life.  Being human, I guess that sort of comes with the territory.  (Please do not misunderstand, this is not a cop out, just the truth!)  We lie to make ourselves look good to others, to ourselves, or just to get a leg up over the other guy!

The same actually goes with cheating.  People cheat on exams, homework, in the work place, on taxes, and worst of all, people cheat on each other with other people!  Why?  Believe it or not, cheating is just another form of lying, being false, deceptive, disloyal.  Betrayal.

One of the definitions I found of betray is “to deliver into the hands of an enemy in violation of a trust or allegiance”.  I thought this was an exeptional way of putting it because when we lie and cheat, we are in fact turning over to our spiritual enemy some part of us that God has created for Himself and has entrusted to us to use for our benefit, His Glory, and the help of others around us.

He is Risen!

He is Risen!

So what am I saying here?  Well, sometimes I wonder if we aren’t experiencing a little of God’s pain when we ourselves are betrayed.  Can we betray God?  Yes.  How? How many times have we said no to Jesus, lied about Him, stabbed Him in the back by attributing His works to ourselves or nature, cheated on Him with any number of worldly pleasures that I could name here but won’t for lack of space!!   How many times have we lead others astray by our life style? How many times have we sold Him down the proverbial river so that we can have our way and do what we want to do? How many times have we failed Him?

This time of year, Palm Sunday (where Jesus was joyfully received into Jerusalem as the people’s soon coming king and praised as their deliverer) and Easter (or Resurrection Day as I prefer to call it, where He rose from the dead after being put to death by those same people), brings into perspective how much He did for us and solidifies for me at least, how trust worthy He is.  He went all the way for us!  He told the Truth. He was betrayed, by Judas for 30 pieces of silver and by us for ignoring Him and His Word, but the fantastic news is that He forgave.  He did what He said, and continues to do so, especially for those who choose Him as Lord and Savior, His kids.

Please consider on this Palm Sunday, or any day hereafter that you are allowed to take breath on this earth, choosing to commit to follow Jesus.  He can be trusted and you can have confidence in Him, no matter what!