Well, as I sit here at the computer trying to think of something that will bless, encourage, enlighten you perhaps, I am drawn to the calendar which shows our year 2012 coming to a close. Is it possible that the year that was supposedly to spell our doom could still be going on into yet another year?

So it would seem. But, I wonder if maybe 2013 won’t be a better year than all years in the past. Perhaps God is saving the best for last. Or maybe we still have more years to go, maybe many more years, before the end. Who knows? Well, I guess He is the only one who does.

What will you do with the time left to you? How will you spend this next year? Will you spend it in worry, fear, fretting over how you’ll make ends meet or who you will marry, or whether or not to get a divorce, or how you can survive this disease that’s killing you? What about our future…..do we even have a future? What about our kids’ and grandkids’ furture? Will there be more war or famine or weather disasters to destroy our homes and communities?

All of these, of course, are legitimate concerns I guess. But we are leaving out one single bit of hope that will negate all of our fears and frustrations. God.

This says it all!

This says it all!

What we often forget is that one, He loves us. He put us here, created us in His image, in our mothers’ wombs and according to Scripture, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Two, He has a plan for each of us to complete before He takes us Home to be with Him eternally. There is no fear in death because Jesus has overcome death. If we have received Jesus as Lord and Savior, accepting His forgiveness for our sins and cleansing by His Blood, then we can share in all that He accomplished on the Cross.

And three, He has provided us with an abundant life here on Earth! If we are not entering into that abundant life, that is not His fault or failure, it is ours for not believing His Word, then trusting and acting on it.

So, cheer up friends! May I encourage those of you who may not be looking forward to the next year. This last year of turmoil was just a test, perhaps, to get us to look up. If we are always looking at what we can do in our own strength, not only will we fail miserably and get discouraged, but we’ll miss what He wants to do in abundance with His strength.

He does not act or respond based on our choices, bad or good, but rather to our faith in His Word that He’s already spoken.

I think if I were to make any resolution, which by the way, I never do because I can never stick to them for more than a few days at most. But if I were to hazard one this year, it would be to challenge myself to get into The Bible more and believe, and receive by faith, all of the promises that pertain to me as a child of God. May I challenge you as well to read the Word, study it with your whole heart, and find out what He wants to do in your life.

Start the year right! Make 2013 the Year of the Word of God! Get to know Him. Begin your relationship with Him. Have Confidence in God!