Last week I had the incredible honor of sharing with someone a portion of what the Lord has given me.  A young woman in desperate need, as I have been, and the Lord knew just what to do.  He spoke to me to share with her as He had spoken to others to share with me in the past.

Although I cannot share details, for her security and safety, suffice it to say that the old saying “It’s more blessed to give than to receive” still holds true and is alive and well in my heart.  What an immense joy to give to others!

The Nativity  The Christmas Story, Which You Have Never Heard BeforeSince this is the Christmas season, the human calendar date we chose centuries ago to celebrate Jesus’ birth, although it took place most likely in September (check out the book Nativity: The Christmas Story Which You Have Never Heard Before by Richard Racy), you have probably heard how God gave His very Best in order to obtain more sons and daughters through His life and death and resurrection from the dead.

This is all true of course but, in addition, He taught us how to give, sacrificially, but with joy in the giving.  I cannot express in mere words alone how incredibly humbled and happy I felt to not only hear from the Lord, obey His voice but then give what He asked me to give to someone in need and know that the Lord had touched their heart.  As it happened, others were watching when I had hoped to give in silence, behind the scenes, but it turned out to be a blessing to them as well as the person receiving God’s gift.  An opening to share with others how good my God is!

If you have the opportunity to share with others in need this Christmas season, or any time, I would heartily recommend you do so.  No matter what God prompts you to give, big or small, He will bless you for it.  You are planting seeds for Him to bless you when you need a blessing from Him.  In the giving, I was blessed….you will be too!

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas with all the Joy that comes with celebrating the birth of our Savior, and may you have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year as you come to know Jesus more fully in the coming year!  Have confidence in God!

God bless, Barb!