Everyone knows this flame!

I love gadgets!  My first recollection of gadgetry was while watching the old Mission Impossible TV show when I was about 16 to 18 years old.  The actors had access to lots of awesome props that were able to do all sorts of cool stuff!  Most of the time, they were ingenious and without them the principal characters would have been found out and probably killed, their mission would have been “disavowed” by the Secretary, and the show would have been boring as the dickens or taken off the TV altogether, with or without Mr. Phelps, handsome as he was.

A ship full of gadgets!

Oh, and then, of course, there was Star Trek with their tricorders, phasers, and the precursor to our flip phones..the communicators!  Who can forget all the colored buttons all over the furniture on The Bridge that could tell the crew all sorts of valuable information about the planets they were cruising toward at warp speed, and who they might find once they got there.Besides all of that, at the touch of a button or screen they could determine what the conditions were on their own ship, the Enterprise, the most commanding and beautiful ship in the fleet.  I was mesmerized by the level of scientific knowledge and sophistication they exhibited, but there was a scenario which seemed to stump them for awhile.  How to get rid of tribbles??

One of Batman’s favorite gadgets!

Batman had his Batmobile, Batarang, Bat this and Bat that…it was all so much fun to watch!  ZIP!  BAM!  POW!  Penquin had his umbrella that could fell you with a quick push of the handle which expelled some sort of gas, knocking you unconscious till he and his cohorts had plundered the place and made their escape.

Another, if not the best example, at least one more worthy of mention than most is James Bond!  Gadgetry at its finest!  I could go on for hours talking about all the gadgets “Q” came up with and what they did to enhance the viewing pleasure of millions of movie goers.  But I have to say, for me, I loved watching every minute of those films…and still do.

From Russia with Love, Little Nellie

Can’t wait to see the newest one.  Each film has its own distinct style and flavor.  Something for everyone!  But what has always drawn me in is how the writers, actors and directors utilize the props and the gadgets, to further the story along.

In my own life, I have a tendency to choose things that I purchase from the store based on how many tasks they can perform.  Washer, dryer, stove, oven, coffee maker, computer, etc.  The more they can do, the more likely I am to purchase that brand or that model rather than something that only does one thing.  Even down to preparing food.  If I can get a gadget that does a bunch of stuff, I’m likely to get that one over something simpler.

What is it about gadgets that cause our TV commercials to be overrun with stories about this knife, that frying pan, this grater, etc. ad nauseum?  I’m not sure about you, but I’m always intrigued by the level of creativity to make such ingenious things!  Our desire to create, our ability to produce things that better serve our circumstances and situations is at play here.

Where do you suppose the ability to think up these “gadgets” comes from?  Well, I have an idea about that!  After having been a landlady for a few years who has shared my entire garage, patio, laundry room, and kitchen table with a movie prop replica & model kit maker, I can tell you that God is the author of creativity.

Doesn’t this look like a haven for creativity?

With a space ship from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” on my patio and various R2D2 model parts or Super Star Destroyer ships in the living room at any given time, lets me know His creativity abounds in the human race.  He has enabled many, many millions of men, women and children over the vast expanse of time to have dreams, visualize those dreams, create and engineer multiplied millions of incredible tools and devices, which have then allowed others years later to do exactly the same thing using those tools to create all the props, gadgets, and many such other fantastic things that we use on a daily basis today.

God has somehow infused His creative ability into us.  (Surely, there can be no doubt that the idea of human beings and other creatures coming from slime and monkeys is pure fiction.  It would take more faith to believe that than it does to believe in a loving and creative God in Heaven!)  He has given us a desire to be creative and full of ingenuity and so, we are fulfilling a call of God on our lives in a very real way by using the creative spark that He has placed in us.  I can see it everyday as I work, or write, or read what others have written, or watch a movie, or see what my “roomie” has created in my garage.  We are meant to be creative and show forth His glory to others.

What has God placed in you?  Do you like to write, or create things out of wood or metal?  Do you like to draw, paint, sing, act?

I like to crochet!

How about knitting or crocheting (that’s what I like, besides writing)?  There is no end to the number of things that God has invested in us as His beloved creation — His children —  to be used to glorify and bring honor to Him.  If you are anything like I am, you may be saying “I do not have one creative bone in my body!”  Well, that’s just not true.  He’s given you something, probably several somethings, that will please Him to see you utilizing.  Ask Him to show you what gifts and talents He’s given you and what He wants you to do with them.  I know He’ll show you, just like He did with me.

So, what’s your gadget?