What a week!  Have you ever had a week where multiple things happened in such a way as to be upsetting, encouraging, busy, and crazy all at once?  That was my week, and looks to be continuing into the weekend.  Oh, joy!

Ever felt like doing just what this “kit” suggests?

The other day I was reminded of Romans 8:28 where the Apostle Paul writes  to the Christians in Rome, basically letting them know that God is in control.  No matter what the situation looks like, no matter what the “case may be” as Andre Crouch wrote in his song “I’ve Got Confidence”, the lyrics to which have inspired me throughout my whole life, God is going to fix things for us and take the bad stuff and turn it around for good.

“We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.”

Occasionally, we can see how that might be true, but many times I can only surmise that you, like myself, think that’s a bunch of baloney!  Not a chance!  No way, Jose!  Not gonna happen!

The circumstances of life, finances, health, family problems, and even weather related issues, seem so terribly out of whack at times that it isn’t possible for God to bring good out of bad. Or so we think.  What we so easily forget, however, is that His ways and His thoughts are higher than ours.  So much for our high and lofty-thinking theologians, philosophers, pundits and so forth!  He even says our greatest wisdom is foolishness in comparison to His.

What’s neat about the Lord, though, is that things will be going along pretty well for awhile, and then all of a sudden something will happen out of the blue that throws you into a tail spin.  Then, providing you have learned to wait on Him for a little bit, He’ll show you that this is an opportunity for Him to show you what a BIG God He is and how well He will bring you through to the other side, stronger, more capable that you ever dreamed possible.  Basically, He’s stretching you, making you ready for the next big blessing He has for you.

Well, ok, but I’d rather just stay right where I am and remain “unstretched”, thank you very much!

May I compare God’s blessings to yummy desserts?

Fortunately for me, God is much wiser than I am and knows I’d be happier and  more fulfilled if I’d just follow His lead and let Him do the stretching and “growing me up” that He apparently wants to do, loving Father that He is.  I may not like it at the time, but by now I know He’s trustworthy and I can have confidence in Him to carry me through the troubles to get to the good stuff in the end!  (I LOVE DESSERT!!!!!)

Besides all the great things He’s done for me over the years, I found a fabulous example of God’s ability to turn things around, right in the middle of a real, live hurricane!  Check out the whole story here:  BGEA: Restoration, Desperation, Salvation in the Gulf   Due to a mother’s continued prayers, a family was reunited, forgiveness was requested, given and received, and a family was saved after many, many years of division.  It took a while for everyone’s hearts to come to a place they were willing to make a change, but it did happen finally!  What a heart warming story, witnessed first hand by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rapid Response Team in Louisiana this year.

What looked like a devastating turn of events with the hurricane doing untold damage, God turned a bad situation around for good for this family.  And, I suspect, this is not the only such story that will ultimately be told.  You may have a story like this in the making!

God’s got a bigger bucket!

If your week has been like mine, or worse, and it doesn’t look like anything good could possibly come out of your set of circumstances, and the proverbial “ship” you were waiting for appears to be sinking, get a bigger bucket!

Have confidence in God to turn things around for you.  He’s really good at it and has been for all eternity.   Oh, and when the good stuff starts to happen for you, I’d love to hear your story, if you’d care to share!