“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10 New International Version

Not having any idea if this subject matter is of interest to or affects anyone else but me, I felt in my heart it was time to address it, if only to remind myself to take the opportunity to express my gratitude more often to those who have honored me in some way.  What exactly is honoring others and why does it seem so hard sometimes to give others their due?  People do nice things for us or around us all the time and most of us “forget to remember” to say thank you or “Good Job!”  Maybe you aren’t like this, but I sure am.  I really do appreciate all that folks manage to do everyday, especially when it makes my job easier or more pleasant,  but I just don’t make a point of saying so often enough.  Well, maybe I don’t appreciate them as much as I think I do?  Or maybe it’s just my memory??

Meeting the man of her dreams

In any event, in the spirit of honoring those who have blessed my life, and being obedient to what I felt God prompting me to do, I’d like to take this very public forum to extend my sincerest and heart felt appreciation to one of the many people who have played a part in helping me get to where I am so far, and because of what their friendship/relationship has supplied, will help me get to where I need to be in the future.  As the Lord leads, I will include others but today He spoke to me about one individual in particular and would not let me go without sharing her with you.

Dreams of a Life of Love

The first person I’d like to honor is a young woman who, for privacy reasons, except for those of us who know her because of this phrase, I shall call “Due Jesus!”  She came along several years ago at the right time and in the right place for me as a genuine gift from the Lord and shared her hysterically funny Southern black humor and intense love for “that wonderful man named God” with all of us in our work place.

She is a lover of love and happy endings, fantasy and Cinderella in particular, which is why you see images of her sprinkled throughout this post.    While on a trip to Disneyland several years ago she admitted, in her embarrassment,  that she’d spotted her favorite Disney Princess and almost ran the children over trying to get to Cinderella first to get her autograph!  Perhaps it has occurred to her, as it has me, that her love of Cinderella may be a picture of sorts of her relationship with Jesus.  We as mere humans have dreams of being and doing better in our lives, and then, wonder of wonders, we stand in the Grand Ballroom, before the Prince…..so handsome and awe inspiring…and then the clock strikes one, two, three….seven, eight, nine,…….eleven, twelve times….oh, no…and we find ourselves back in our old reality with only the memory of that brief moment in time when we experienced the Glory…

Dreams do sometimes come true!

And then, wonder of wonders, He comes to our door…. and with the glass slipper fitted into place, He rescues us forever and takes us to His glorious castle where we will be loved and treasured for the rest of our lives!

Her enthusiasm for the Lord, her church, and pastor led her to share some tapes and CD’s with me, most without cost, the messages of which literally changed me and brought me back to life again.  Those tapes were filled with preachers and teachers such as Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, T. D. Jakes, I.V. Hilliard, and others speaking the Word of God, encouragement, hope and life into my spirit day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute as I listened as intently as I could while sitting at my desk, typing all day long.  Sometimes it was just a word or a phrase that helped me through my day.  Sometimes it was a much needed word of “scolding” that snapped me back from doing, thinking or speaking things I shouldn’t.  While she had no idea of all that was going on in my life at that time, if it weren’t for her generous gift of God’s Word, I know I wouldn’t have been able to cope very well.

Since that time,  we have both grown and matured and I’ve watched as she has gone from experiencing financial and marital struggles to having a miracle baby girl, living well and loving her husband in ways she never imagined years ago!   She has stepped out in faith and begun a small business selling cinnamon rolls, really at a financial loss to begin with, because she just wanted to bless people.  (I can tell you from personal experience, those rolls are delicious!)  And more recently, because she had grown in confidence, could finally take the steps necessary to begin using her creative abilities to write a romantic novel.  As a result, she’s inspired me to start this blog.  Her book hasn’t been published yet due to the time it takes to do the rewrites in order to get it ready for publishing, as well as being full time wife, mother and employee, but I’m confident God will show her the way and open the doors at just the right time.

Like any friendship, we’ve had our misunderstandings over “this and that” through the years but “DJ” has probably meant more to me for her selfless acts, her giving heart, and her willingness to follow Jesus anywhere He leads, kicking and screaming sometimes, but as she obeys He always blesses.  She will tell you that she is not perfect by any means, and will probably be extremely embarrassed that I am writing this post about her, but to me she is a down to earth example of just trusting God in the little things and God has been faithful to meet His daughter right where she is and answers as a loving Father would.

Princess Cinderella

Thank you, my dear friend DJ, for being who you are and living for Jesus in a negative world!  Everyone who knows you, cannot help but “testify” that you give glory to God no matter what!  You are bold inspite of your timidity and shyness, and share His righteousness with humor to make others feel more at ease.  But no one can escape your testimony of God’s love.  You are God’s little Princess and your royalty becomes more apparent and endearing everyday!*******************************