After a tough week in our world, I think it’s time for a some humor to bring a little joy into our sometimes crazy, stressful lives.  Or, if you have a lot of drama in life, take a few minutes and enjoy these fun videos.  But, get ready to be inspired at the end.  Enjoy, everyone!

Jeanne Robertson  “Don’t send a man to the grocery store!”

Mark Lowry Comedy

Funny cats in water, EPIC   (This is amazing!!)


The next video is definitely not humorous but incredibly moving and I can’t help but share it.  Not often in life are we mere humans given gifts like this young man and woman have, especially at such young ages, but when we do get the opportunity to experience God’s magnificence through vessels like Jonathan and Charlotte, I hope it encourages you to have faith and confidence in the God who cares for us so very much.  The bond between them is inspiring and you can tell by what you will feel when watching this video that God has some wonderful purpose for both of them and for their music.