Thought it would be nice to include some of my favorite music in this post, some from Christian artists, some not, but I hope you will enjoy…and celebrate!!

Classical Gas by Tommy Emmanuel

Jesse Cook Rattle and Burn

That’s What Amazes Me by Go Fish

Selah, You Raise Me Up

Hope you enjoyed this musical “interlude”.  Mostly I enjoy guitars, as you can probably tell, but I especially enjoy harmony in the various groups I listen to.  Harmony, unity of sound.  Guess that’s what motivates my musical preferences, especially.  Let me know what you think about music and what are your favorite groups or soloists.  I’d love to know.  I have plenty more favorites that I may share one day.  Do you like hearing these various artists in this format?  Let me know.  Have a wonderful day, and have faith and confidence in our mightly God!