Well…sigh…my first blog!  What to write about, when to write, and who will read?  Those are the questions that come to mind, besides, “What the heck am I doing?”

I suppose all those answers will come in time, but for now let me start with why I wanted to write a blog, or notes, or something longer than a comment on a friend’s Facebook post, and maybe clarify for myself, if for nobody else, that I have something of value to say to whomever will read the words I will write.  If that turns out to not be the case, I will have at least gotten it out “on paper” so to speak, and out of my heart to share with others rather than keep it all inside where it definitely is of no value to anyone.

Well, now that that has been established, what exactly is it that I feel I want to share?  Starting out as an adopted daughter whose half hearted desire to find out my heritage and pass that along to my children and grandchildren, might trigger some questions, and perhaps answers for my readers.  Although I’ve not yet actually tried to locate my “people”, it is an interest that might expand in months to come, expenses permitting.  I have very little to go on, so I’m not sure it’s even do-able, but if God is in it, it will happen.

Secondly, I’ve been around for a really long time…61 years!  I’ve seen and heard things I figured were mostly for the other guy, not me, or really didn’t happen much at all.  Being pretty sheltered by very loving parents with only one child to raise I didn’t experience the broken home, drugs, drunkenness, arrogant attitudes, selfishness, etc. that others supposedly did.  That stuff didn’t happen in the 50’s and 60’s anyway, did it?  I was to find out later, that indeed it did, and I was to be touched in one way or another by all of it as I grew up into adulthood and beyond.

Let’s see, what else might be worth sharing?  Ahhhhh, yes….the most important thing, well, not thing, Person actually, that I met along my walk through life.  That would be Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  You may be thinking, “Oh, here it comes.  I’ll stop reading now!”  Well, that is your choice, but I would hope you’d give me (Him) a chance, make this “blog journey” with me and see where it goes.  It might be a good experience for you, or maybe not, but you’re never gonna know if you stop reading now.   And, a note to those who have shared similar experiences, you’re welcome to join me, give God glory, but please try not to judge or make me want to cry…. or beat you up..just kidding!

Unlike many of you, who probably have plenty of experience with reading or writing blogs, I do not.  Not a clue. This is an adventure for me so I’m just taking it slow and hope you will go with me to wherever we are headed.   Of one thing I am sure, I’ve got confidence in the God who saved me at a low point in my life and He has never, never, never let me down or left my side in well over 61 years.

Join me, won’t you?  Let’s see where He wants us to go and what He might want to say or allow me to share from my heart.

Blessings to you & Have a very happy day!


Barbara Racy